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I run culinary workshops and host events. I advise on how to build a brand. I write about food with passion. Professionally I am a graphic designer and I have worked across both graphic design and advertising for years. I write for printed formats, cooperate with publishing houses and direct photo sessions. I also create non-standard advertising campaigns, tailored to my clients’ needs. I was in charge of creating a seasonal menu for Sphinx Poland, created a Middle East food campaign with Lidl, and hosted workshops for Panasonic. I currently work with brands such as Coca-Cola, Thermomix Poland, Franke or Baziółka. I also act as a brand ambassador for a Middle Eastern brand called Jasmeen.

I am open to new projects and cooperation with companies whose values and core of work are in sync with mine. Drop me a line if you have an idea for a joint venture!

Email me: [email protected]


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